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We make breakfast with our farm and local produce on request at 9€ per person.

Breakfast is served from 8.30 am at 10 am on your or our terrace.

photo with breakfast or a table where all the guests can have breakfast together or only on their terrace of the ginepro room.
different breakfast who's made by us and our little bread boys

We have several options:

In case of early excursions we can give a Breakfast basket on your private terrace from 8 am.

Breakfast is made of :

Homemade Bread baked in the early morning ,Pastries and Marmalades

Eggs, Cheese, Ham

Fresh Fruit & Juice. Coffee, Tea, Milk or Hot Chocolate..

Fresh Herb Tea, harvested from our natural organic garden.

 We have a small menu with different Sardinian specialties

It's possible to have the day of arrival or during your stay!

Different Sardinian marinated skewers or Vegetarian skewers, they are ready to grill on your Gas BBQ with our  local seasonal vegetables.

our homemade skewers for the guests to bake on their own gas BBQ who's on their terrace

Happy hour Sardinian appetizer tray, with Sardinian wine or Sardinian Beer.

Like picture bellow.

Pizzas Menu with Sardinian wine or Sardinian Beer, and Dessert.

We do everything that you spend a good evening on your terrace under the stars with a nice little meal and delicious Sardinian Wine or Beer!

Pizza Take away or on our terrace(

Thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon!


0039 328 56 80 191 .

    Fabienne Fadda
    Via Monti Diana 49
    07026 Olbia Sardegna ,Italia

me and my husband as presentation

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GPS : 41.01'03.5'N 9°23'26.6°E

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