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Our farm life in Sardinia with our Animals Farm produce and little Guesthouse Stazzu la Capretta

Hello this is the first time that I make a blog about our life in our farm and Guesthouse Stazzu la Capretta in Sardinia, what means little goat farm.

My name is Fabienne, I am a mother of 2 children and expatriate from France to Sardinia with my husband Alain and children since 1999.

I would try to share our world on the farm with our passions, and little stories what we live here on our land.

We love cooking with our farm and local products, Alain was before a chef cook in Monte Carlo where we lived 14


We do a lot of creative crafts we love that because I was an artisan before who made a lot of ceramics and potteries so I can’t stay doing nothing with my hands.

During the winter when our Guesthouse is closed and that we have less to do on our land we make Ceramics, Wood, Jewelry, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, and if I have time left I knit for my 2 years old .

I made 2 little shops on Etsy too, not only for selling but also to see what happens on the artistic way in this little world, and I like to be on internet too, it makes me travel sitting behind my tablet or computer.

But we also like making liqueurs, Jam Goat cheese with our little milk production, Vegetables under oil, etc .

We are in the countryside not far from the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda so when we leave our home for shopping it’s always a show to see the beaches with their granite rocks in a sun shiny atmosphere .

So with this little blog I hope to give a little bit of joy to the persons who will read our weekly experience in our Farm Stazzu la Capretta in the countryside of Olbia.

I will try to make Pictures ,Food recipes, Creations etc.

I'm coming back very soon, thank you for reading me!

♥ Fabienne ♥

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